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Re: BCX4430 / Zika

 Map....I spoke to a former researcher who did work on 4430 yesterday.  He said he was very impressed with the results of the drug.  All this has already been published so it's not new news.  But it was interesting to hear it from one of the men who did the work.  He said that other tests are being set up in South America for Yellow Fever.  I told him that I was confused about why BCRX would go forward with HAE drug instead of the far reaching 4430.  He said something about the way financing was set up in the company and the costs of everything.  He also said something interesting about a  mercy case where the drug was given to a human with YF and the person made a full recovery.  He said it couldn't be proven the the recovery was absolutely due to the 4430 but it was a bit impressive..............Frankie

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