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Re: 6/30/19 Tute ownership trickling in

 Reply to Lysander:
P is approved, working on US stockpile order, that's been promised, but no cash until delivery and how much?  $7 million each year over the next 5 years.  Correct, money not counted until shipped.  BCRX can negotiate for bigger order more worthy of a true pandemic stockpiling, let's see what comes this Sept. end of fiscal year for HHS.
7353 definitely a wild card-Disagree, it will be approved.
there will be some demand...For every HAE patient that it works on
but at what cost to insurers....Less than what they're paying now for IV treatments, a lot less.
and will they pay for pill and needle in some cases?  They're paying for a needle and needle in most cases now.  No drug is perfect. and arguably they're paying less with an oral and occasional need for a needle.  AND PATIENTS WANT AN ORAL!
And there's a lotta cost to market...said every biotech everywhere, but much less with small sales force and the marketing has been going on for many years so it won't be like launching to an uneducated patient group or Drs.
9930- the new blockbuster? But that will be years and cap raises away.  ACHN went up almost 100% on their recent PH1 release, that's a very good return on a shareholders money and BCRX coming out next Q..

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