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Re: 6/30/19 Tute ownership trickling in

 You can be sure BCRX is working on the next group of investors wanting to get in prior to the upcoming 4Q PRs.

No need to barnstorm for new investors. Updated tute holding below- new players replaced the old- still holding at 91.5% New investors plus old already in place. Plus more shorts in place as mdaddy will attest. Question is what will make them cover other then a secondary:
P is approved, working on US stockpile order, that's been promised, but no cash until delivery and how much?
P elsewhere? no orders from other countries or through Seqiris (who is a wonderful distributor hung up in arbitration and sitting on the $5M owed), don't think they are working too hard selling P
P approved in Australia- thanks to map we know about it, not that management would bother to PR it or mention it in the ER call or actually forecast any such stockpile orders in ER calls anymore.
Drug approvals (P and 7353 God willing) are one thing- actual customer demand and sales revenue is another, efficacy and price point matter
7353 definitely a wild card- there will be some demand but at what cost to insurers and will they pay for pill and needle in some cases? And there's a lotta cost to market, produce still to be spent
9930- the new blockbuster? But that will be years and cap raises away...unless......
They find a buyer or major, MAJOR partner to fund and help distribute.
Nope BCRX probably not going anywhere, but DYAX type PPS isn't around the next few corners either. Hope I'm wrong.

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