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SE vs. SEP

first consideration do you want to buy these two over the competing firms for your investment dollars?

This is one of those sectors that if you have one then a bunch makes since ... after you master the K-1 then the others are easy.... especially when you hand them over to your accountant.

Last year I bought SE after considering SEP. Do not want to go into full detail but the waterdown simplistic reason is that when you compare SE vs SEP on the one, two, five ... and max charts these two stock keep switiching sides who does the best. Not always true when you to do this comparison with other companies and their MLPs.

Taking recent prices...
SEP $54.58 with a yield of 4.19%

SE $38.97 with a yield of 3.40%

difference in stock price $15.61 difference in percentage yield 0.79 %
Now this is not completely comparing oranges to oranges but these two are entertwined.

so the answer to which one to invest in was simple for me anyway.
(you could say both but I have too many other stocks competing for my investment dollars)

I picked SE because I am only giving up a litte percentage yield compared to the extra shares I can buy at the lower price of SE vs SEP. This is a long term investment and the extra shares will produce more capital gain and leverage over the extended time . As some know here... I have a decades time horizion in spite of my ancient age. Of course new events might shorten that timeframe.

I think SE's potential and current but unfinished projects are not appreciated by the general public nor understood. If they were then the stock would be higher. And SE success could mark it as a takeover candidate if the stock price does not continue up. Yes I know it is up already.... but not enough. Started buying this stock last year and continued into this one. Still far from a full positioin.
I think the future is better defined for SE than many stocks and competitors but not reflected in the price.

But remember ... I am just a fuzzy forest creature living in the deep woods.


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