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Re: Time for Change

 I'm as frustrated as anyone because i still have stock from the original PIPE offering.  One thing Dana said he would never do was load the company up with debt.  Guidry decided to do the opposite.  With that said there were some good things in the press release that were ignored.  First they deliniated the Acordinero well to the south with a 348 ft pay which is pretty big.  Second, it looks like they have figured out their issues with waterflooding and have their major costs behind them.  Guidy is still the best man for the job if they decide to go the full Monty with their drilling program and future capex.  If Parex or Ecopetrol wanted them for $2.50 or more i would gladly be in favor of a sale at this point.  I'm just not sure anyone is looking to buy them until they show some better results from Waterflooding especially in the new fields.

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