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Msg  15137 of 15246  at  5/21/2019 10:57:26 AM  by

peaceful valley

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Re: New 52 wk low...

In my opinion, management has "cried wolf" (at least) once too often. They have a history of touting certain prospects (ex: A-Limestone); then as time goes by, we hear very little in terms of updates on such prospects.

Second, management seems overly focused on production increases instead of maximizing shareholder value. Reserves are not infinite, and merely increasing the rate of depleting your resources does not necessarily create value. Relatedly, and in reference to paragraph one above, notice how we are hearing less now about the previously trumpeted goal of 50,000 bpd.

Third, very poor communications within each quarter. It seems to me that there are often unexpected expenses (ex: costs of power, transportation bottlenecks, workovers, etc) which lead to earnings disappointments.

Fourth, read the proxy statement to learn about management's compensation.

According to the last corporate presentation I read, the stock was trading below 1P value, which seems unrealistically low to me (but, the market does not care about my opinion). So, it seems to me that better communication and perhaps a more concentrated focus on existing prospects (rather than incremental spending on new plays)could possibly move the stock price in the right direction.

All of the above, in my relatively uninformed opinion. Hope to hear from others who follow this stock more closely than me and/or know more about the industry than me.

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