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Drilling skywards ↑

A spate of rig move activity today give anchor handler rates a boost with one fixture concluded north of 50,000.

The platform supply sector is also showing notable signs of strength.

A trio of anchor handlers were taken for a move of the semi-submersible rig Borgsten Dolphin.

Petrofac’s well engineering offshoot, SPD, fixed the 290-tbp Siem Garnet (built 2010) and 275-tbp Siem Topaz (built 2010) at 32,500 a day but the less powerful 275-tbp Havila Jupiter (built 2010) came in a little cheaper at 29,000 a day.

BP Norge is paying NOK 470,000 (52,700) a day to get the 261-tbp Far Sapphire (built 2007) for ROV work in conection with the semi-submersible Polar Pioneer. This is a massive five fold leap on what the vessel was earning in mid February.

Ross Offshore fixed the 397-tbp KL Saltfjord (built 2011) for prelay work for the semi-submersible Songa Delta for NOK 350,000 (39,300) an increase of about a third on the vessel’s last outing.

Premier hired the 344-tbp Rem Gambler (built 2010) for a move of the semi-submersible Sedco 704 at 34,000 a day more than double the NOK 140,000 a day the vessel was getting in early March.

Statoil is paying NOK 230,000 (25,800) a day for the 183-tbp Bourbon Orca (built 2006) undertaking a cargo run, a rate in line with the vessel’s recent rig move work.

In the platform supply market Statoil is paying NOK 250,000 (28,000) a day to get the 5,000-dwt Rem Fortress (built 2011) for up to seven days cargo duties which is again more than double what the vessel was earning in late January.

BG fixed the 4,605-dwt Far Strider (built 1999) for a cargo run with an option of 13,000 a day.

RWE booked the 3,250-dwt PSV Durga Devi (built 2011) for seven days firm cargo work and seven day by day options at 12,000 a day, almost double the vessel’s earnings in mid-February.

MLS got the 4,900-dwt Stril Polar (built 2012) for a cargo run but the deal was on P&C terms.

Four anchor handlers are available in Aberdeen with another five prompt in Norway. There are five platform supply vessels available in Aberdeen but only one in Norway.

By Jim Mulrenan in London
Published: 15:15 GMT, 12 Mar 12 | updated: 15:17 GMT, 12 Mar 12

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