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Post from Hoffman on iHub below with response from exwannabe. My only addition would be that Hoffman is part of the same cabal that denied NWBO ever ended its contract with CRL/Cognate. In fact, they adamantly insisted a contract was still in place long after it was obvious NWBO had begged out. So speaking of hypocrisy, now he's claiming it would have been foolish for NWBO to have maintained such a contract. What a pathetic hypocrite. Every time another piece of information appears that continuously, gradually, chips away at the notion DCVax-L has any chance in hell of being approved, they change their story to whatever conveniently keeps their false hopes alive.

Re: hoffmann6383 post# 561947
Tuesday, January 24, 2023 12:25:58 PM
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You can't cry about dilution and then in the next breath say NWBO should have continued to pay millions to CRL for years and years with nothing to show for it. The fact of the matter was NWBO wasn't close to commercialization at this earlier period in time and it wasn't prudent to continue paying CRL for nothing. NWBO made the prudent decision and ended the relationship. The hypocrisy in complaining about dilution and in the next breath bashing management for not diluting is telling.


NWBO kept paying Cognate until after they started paying Advent. For a couple years they were paying both. In addition they had to pay to transfer the tech to Advent (even though they already paid to transfer the tech from Cognate to Cognate UK, which was Advent).

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