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Re: Add this one to the "Con" column

As in NVCR, the company whom your own Al Musella, the foot doctor you guys praise, would choose if he got GBM?

Q: You direct an established foundation that supports research and information about brain tumors. What would you do if you yourself were diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)? A: Now that GBMs are in the news again, I would like to discuss what I would do if it happened to me — an adult in otherwise good shape. There are several choices. Standard of care: Surgery, radiation, Temozolomide. Chance of 5 year survival is about 5%.
Standard of care PLUS Optune. Bumps my chance of 5 year survival up to 13% with no added toxicity. Recent data shows we can move up to 29% 5 year survival if the optune device is used at least 90% of the time!
Optune. We are put into a very tricky situation here. Many trials will disqualify you if you use Optune, but Optune has the highest survival rates in large trials. So you are being asked to gamble a known doubling of chances of 5 year survival for an unknown experimental treatment that might or might not help, and you might even be assigned to a control group. I would use Optune.   
At some point you have to admit how stupid and contradictory you sound because you follow a bunch of idiots on Ihub.  Just like Liau, you have confirmation bias because you are probably buried in paper losses from your bad investment.
Sorry but more professionals, all with ties to NVCR because it's the only thing that's been approved in 50 years, will keep coming out of the woodwork saying how problematic if not downright wrong this P3 trial data is.

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