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Re: Hmm.

As of my last look, Woodford still had just under 25m shares overall, with a bit over 18m in the Equity Income fund that is in difficulties. Unchanged for 3 years.

Woodford is now only publishing top 10 holdings per fund on his site, so we’ll only see full holdings in official filings.

Since nwbo is no longer subject to 13F regs, and Woodford has been diluted to below 5%, he is not required to make SEC filings on nwbo.

To sum up, we are unlikely to have confirmation of any Woodford activity until well after it happens. Yesterday’s volume spike also spiked chatter about possible Woodford selling, but it’s all speculation.

He has said that the intent is to execute a similar strategy mainly in FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 stocks. That means more British, larger cap, and more liquid. Doesn’t say anything specific about nwbo, but obviously nwbo is not UK listed, small cap, and relatively illiquid.

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