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Am I wrong about this

As I understand it, we're currently about 42 months since the very last patient to begin the trial enrolled. While we don't know precisely when each current survivor entered the trial, it's likely that the average is over 6 years. Until they unblind, it's impossible to say precisely how many survivors received the vaccine, but knowing that most who saw progression were crossed over, it's likely that the overwhelming majority of survivors received the vaccine. If all the above is essentially true, and it's also true that over 80 participants remain alive, I do not believe there is any way to deny the benefits of the vaccine.

What may also be important to know is a current assessment of each patient. At well over 3 years post treatment, I believe that patients could be evaluated based on their Doctor's current expectations. Some patients might still be considered to be critical, they could be hospitalized, or frequently monitored. Some patients may be considered stable, essentially being checked routinely somewhere between monthly, to quarterly. Still others may have no discernable disease, and might only be examined semi annually or annually, but I would suspect this group is probably 5 years or longer surviving.

My point is, if those running the trials know that few, if any patients are on the critical list, the data should only be better with every month that passes. In that they don't seem to be rushing it's completion, I would suspect this is the case. I would hope that this is the case, but also that no one feels that it's necessary to make the shortest survivor in the trial over 48 or 60 months, to me, that would be overkill. I believe we're at the point where the FDA and others should be very impressed with the data, especially if it can be stated that most who're still surviving are living nearly normal lives, not on life support in hospitals.

As most know, I'm dealing with leukemia, near 4 years post stem cells. I remain on chemo, which does have quality of life issues, but nothing unacceptable, but otherwise my treatment requires quarterly appointments with my Dr. I really don't mind our visits, but suspect it won't be long before he'll say lets do it in 6 months instead of 3. In my visits to City of Hope I've met many people who've been under treatment for decades, we just happened to meet the one day a year they came in to be checked out. The other time we see one another is the once a year they have reunions of all who've had or donated marrow or stem cells that are attended by thousands. I've met people who received BMT's over 40 years ago. This has been a tremendous success, I would hope that a few years from now similar reunions are conducted at sites where cancer vaccines are saving lives and survivors can get together and share their stories.


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