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Bad Blondes

>>Local Critics Worried by GMA’s Dev’t Plan for Central RP

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s critics in Negros Occidental have a different view of her development plan for Central Philippines, with most saying it will only worsen the “already acute exploitation and oppression of the people” and the “plunder” of the region’s rich resources.


SILAY City, Negros Occidental – “Sustained development” up to 2010, and one that will make the cluster islands in Central Philippines a “haven for business and tourists.”

This was the core development plan bared by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo before some Cabinet officials, governors of Central Philippines provinces, and Negros Occidental local officials, at the newly-constructed Bacolod-Silay airport during her recent airport site inspection here last July 13.

The development plan, Arroyo stressed, is a combination of construction of roads, bridges and airports, strengthening of “nautical highways,” and energy reliability and environmental protection. It will mobilize billions from the central government and foreign funding institutions, the President also said.

...Privatization of energy. Arroyo said that in order to address the expected electric power gap of around 100 MW in the Visayas in 2010, the government will speed up “as soon as possible” the privatization of the geothermal power plants all over Visayas in 2008 so the private sector can take over and expand the capacity before 2009...

...critics here have a different view of the development plan...

“The Visayans would naturally be mesmerized dreaming of having around more ‘RORO’ boats, fast crafts, modern ports and airports, linking bridges and mega malls, blondes, tourists in topless suits...

i suppose.

Best, Terry

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