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The following message was updated on 4/8/2021 6:23:01 AM.

The gap continues to get wider .

Worldwide Exchange which comes on at four AM Central time on CNBC... pointed out that while large firms with better resources have done well the small companies are still struggling to keep their doors open. The bad news is different from state to state.
Some states show the number of companies closing their doors at nine percents but others at thirty-six percent.
Small businessmen have stated that they need six months of good business with foot traffic and earnings returning to prior virus times .... which is not likely yet to show up... maybe this summer. Some companies will not make it and will close their doors.
Many small firms also say that they are not going to have jobs for all those laid off employees when business picks up.

News reports focus on the big companies and over look the mom and pop businesses which outnumber their bigger peers. This hides the undercurrents of desperation and on going shut downs.

This split between the big firms and rich people are surviving and even getting richer while some of the middle class has now become poor even when they do not want to admit it. This trend ends with the majority of the citizens worse off than before while the upper 10 percent having more money and assets than ever before and looking obscenely rich . Resentment is rising amongst the have-nots as their numbers increase.

The number of deaths continue to go up in the USA and around the world.

Just thought that I would point out my predictions last year have come true.

Need to have more people to offer a consistent helping hand and not just a one time hand out.


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