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Re: BDC Credit Rating Actions

This current black swan is not following the classical blue print. No sudden run up in interest rates. But with all the money being giving away that might light the spark for quick inflation. We still have the basic problems that the events today are reacting so quickly that the companies cannot keep up with the change.

The sudden lost of income and some their jobs permanently, will affect the credit industry. Who would of thought that REITs would be in trouble because renters could not pay their rent... not just a few ... but a whole bunch of individuals and small businesses.

Going into unknown territory the best to the worse Business Development Companies are going to be tested . Seems that cutting the dividend off is the favorite ploy of the day.

If you own any of this sector's stocks you might want to review the companies balance sheets and leverage debt .
There will be a time when these stocks should be bought.... In my opinion that day will come but not this week.
We are approaching an area where there are no safe harbor as all the stocks get hit in tandem in this sector.


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