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OPP Poop on It's DRIP

Rivernorth on 5.23 & 5.24.23 acquired two tranches of 17,185 shares apiece at some favorable prices. While the share acquisitions could be for its Drip plan participants the fact that they went into inventory for Rivernorth w/o any indication the shares were bought for other entities confuses me. Wherever the truth lies the buys did seem to put a floor under Opp.

>In the event of a market discount on the payment date for any Dividend, the Plan Administrator will
have until the last business day before the next date on which the common shares trade on an “ex‐
dividend” basis or 30 days after the payment date for such Dividend, whichever is sooner (the “Last
Purchase Date”), to invest the Dividend amount in common shares acquired in Open‐Market
Purchases. It is contemplated that the Fund will pay monthly income Dividends. If, before the Plan
Administrator has completed its Open‐Market Purchases, the market price per common share
exceedsthe NAV per common share, the average per common share purchase price paid by the Plan
Administrator may exceed the NAV of the common shares, resulting in the acquisition of fewer
common shares than if the Dividend had been paid in Newly Issued common shares on the Dividend
payment date. Because of the foregoing difficulty with respect to Open‐Market Purchases, the Plan
provides that if the Plan Administrator is unable to invest the full Dividend amount in Open‐Market
Purchases during the purchase period or if the market discount shifts to a market premium during
the purchase period, the Plan Administrator may cease making Open‐Market Purchases and may
RiverNorth/DoubleLine Strategic Opportunity Fund, Inc.
Dividend Reinvestment Plan June 30, 2022 (Unaudited)
58 (888) 848-7569 | www.rivernorth.com
invest the uninvested portion of the Dividend amount in Newly Issued common shares at the NAV
per common share at the close of business on the Last Purchase Date<

Excerpted from the annual report of Opp shown below:


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