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Re: Worst CEF Sector?

I've run selected #s since the Saba KickOff Date of 3.21.17 & the worst performer in the selected pool of MLP cefs was Goldman's vehicle xGERx. Its sunk a stunning 36.2% while the S & P 500 has surged >50%. But the worst mp performance for the group since that start date was DSE which has experienced a market price fall of 37.1%, its nav fell only 35.7% but the discount on DSE increased from -1.7% to a deeper 4.0% disc. The discount on GSE has actually shrunk with its rotten performance, apparently since the heavy payout on the name is so valued.

No cef in the MLP space AFAIK issues any K-1 so I'm presuming they all keep their MLP exposure limited.

The best pipeline outfit I track in the group is not an MLP anymore itself & it shows a total return of 14.4% since SabaKO. Its KMI . Pretty bad but at least a positive showing.

Its quite surprising that Goldman takes the cake since I thought they put more value on their brand then let it have the ugliest performance.

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