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Re: [OT] Plant question for Sirg

>>Can you think of a reason for the initial germination sprints? Im still waiting for the laggards."

1st I am not an expert on seeds.
That said did you sterilize the seeds 1st. Did you dig up the seeds to inspect them?
If so what did you find?

No, didn't sterilize them because they were in a seed packet.


Were they your seeds or bought?
I am assuming bought.

Yes, from Park Seed in Greenwood, South Carolina.


Only 70% of store bought seed germinate from my experience
Although I dont seed start flowers only nightshades and herbs.
I always sterilize them in h202 1st.
Data available online.

Give Park Seed a try . . . they even sell seeds in tapes, already spaced for you, and pelleted.

Or buy a yardstick and a miner's cap, if you won't mind the sss-ing sound drowning out the peepers and cicadas. :-)


Temp moisture disease and enough oxgen along with the incorrect soil and storage of seed are to primary reason I believe.

(Seeds rot planted too deeply, over-watered, or in cold weather, untreated seeds may simply rot. Dig up some seeds and squeeze them. If they are soft or partially decayed one of the above is the problem )

Guilty as charged. In the past I did overwater.

Harris Seeds sells pea seeds treated with captan, so you can plant them early in March. I'm guessing Burpee does, too.


I started rosemary a very easy prolific grower outside ty and only 2 of 8 seeds sprouted
Cause when I asked my botanist friend he said it was improper storage after examining them in his facility.

Join the miserable experience club. After my spectacular failure, I phoned Park and learned the rosemary seeds (albeit pelleted) must be sowed near the surface of the planting mix and covered VERY lightly.

So I will add that is how I sowed my geranium seeds. Maybe barely covering seeds is the trade secret for most seeds?


Ly With my zucchini 3 of 9 didn't germinate he said it was due to contamination and I was lucky or they would have ultimately destroyed the entire plot.
Lesson learned alway sterilize your seeds
Ty 6 out of 6 zucchini are thriving already in pots. Lol

That's good! Gonna pick 'em young, before the interior seeds take over?


Wish I knew more, 2 good sources for all thing plants is princeton or UC extension and search seed germination failure reason

Great source for how to treat/prevent bug animal and bacteria problems also. <<

UC is which university?

Thanks for your suggestions, Sirg! BTW, I used to bury dried (after washed to the shore) seaweed and rotted fish in my earliest experiments.

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