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Re: The rush to green///riverwalk

>>I'll give you credit for this, your observational skills are vastly superior to that of Joe Flow(max), arguably the densest of posters on this board, if one doesn't count the infant slug with the RRRR's.<<

Thanks very much, Drifter. My observational skills likely grew out of needing to do biblical research in languages with which I was unfamiliar and whose alpha-beta and aleph-bet were in more than one form.

But each of us is unique, with unique backgrounds and in unique circumstances, so I won't compare posters' writing styles. Nerd's signature style was a series of GR's (to express displeasure with his subject) until another poster remarked on it. I think Joe Flow is from NYC, where guys need to guard their tires, lock their gas caps, and train for gang warfare before they're out of the cradle.

>>And you're GD right I'm anti-commie, I grew up in the cold war and still remember the fear caused by the Cuban missile crisis. Nobody who lived through that period could have anything but contempt for commies. Communism is a grossly failed form of government, especially that perpetrated by the Russians who called themselves Soviets but haven't changed their stripes at all since.<<

Your fear must've been palpable. That crisis would've traumatized me if I lived near it. I don't do well with thunderstorms! Did you live in the southeast at the time?

I'm in awe of Ukraine.

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