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Re: release of c-19 intentional

Handling virus or power tools is risky. There is always an accident risk, and a competence risk and these lead to the worst fear of all for socoiophiles a PR risk. The only fatal disease they are worried about is embarassment. Like many great people, Trump does not care about looking stupid and maybe he will not make a lot of progress this is how progress often starts as you question convention knowledge that can "close your mind." This is NOT some self interest social theory that OBama was pushing, its all about the product, in this case disease control. In theory there is no risk to pushing some popular political agenda and then if the Chinese make a mistake the libs have exactly what they need to survive- victims and scape-goats ROFL. Then a huge cry for empathy or sympathy or whatever other diversion everyone can rally around while fixing nothing.

The question then is if you want to get into this death spiral or try to actually do anything useful. If flattery is a cloak for malice, what can you do with angry mobs supporting empathy every place they have no idea what to do? ROFL.

I don't know what evidence there is that the release was intentional - everything points to an accident although maybe they thought they could use their citizens as guinea pigs and could control it ( there were some reports that they had some treatment or other ) and AFAICT it did not have much impact on their other cities although I lost track.

In any case, it does seem to be likely to have been created in the lab.

So do you think Whoopie Goldberg has good character? ROFL.

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