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Re: The Trump economic team: Men without a plan

Producing things, manufacturing, requires more than puffery to be competitive or even effective. At least to the extent that the liberal psychologists get together and agree that happy thoughts, and you go on to fault Kudlow for "optimism", will make everything better, then there is a conspiracy to destroy the mind that wants to make things with critical thought. Most of the liberal concerns are not tested in any real sense- one day homosexuality is a disease, the next day it gets special preference.

The masses selling garbage to each other would be ok if you had a few automated plants under US control and US expertise in the technologies to make that happen. However, aside from the appeal of unseen slave labor, there seems to be disdain for the discernment needed for this to happen - no different from the UAW fighting against automation decades ago. The social factors causing the mess have not changed.

So is making an airplane like the 737 MAX a social function- doing deals with supplies and improving perceptions and fooling regulators- or is it an engineering task requiring people with intuition and experience in knowing the laws of nature? Eventually the brats will try to replace competence with draconian regulation as with assault rifles ROFL.

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