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Re: In Economic Warning Signals, Trump Sees Signs of a Conspiracy >>for you big

Below the video below I will comment on the economic comments of that story.
On the question of elections:
1) Oh the irony in that it was Hillary that stood there in the 3rd debate and said how dangerous it was that Trump would not concede the election before it occurred (more or less) and then after the election continues even recently to claim it was stolen from her - while an array of forces in the DOJ conspired to entrap him and frame him and targeted members of his staff.  You know my opinion on what happened and I really hope Dunham gets to the bottom of that whole affair. Love Trump or hate him he is right - this should never happen again and the capacity for it to happen needs to be eliminated.
2) There are lot of evidence suggesting voting irregularities including voter fraud. Hell, you don't need to dream a conspiracy there are a number of cities that have already given or advocate to give illegals the vote in municipal elections. How they intend to separate these voters from state and federal elections I don't know but I am a believer in the slippery slope. 
3) Aside from that, see this and this and this and this and this for examples. The media continues to fucking just flat lie to you and tell you what you should believe instead of exploring the question.They just say Trump lies and Trump is a racist in the headlines now. No exploration just pronouncements. This is total shit journalism. Even Harvard researchers issued a report saying that the number of illegals voting was zero. Zero?!?  Does anyone fucking believe that? It may or may not be a low number, but the odds of it being zero is fucking zero.  Total shit journalism, and partisanship now infects supposedly vaunted research and academic institutions. Just because he's paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get him. 
4) So Trump made an accusation - who is going to actually investigate it?   Not the journalists. Not the academics.  Not the Democrats.  And why not?   Because maybe Trump has a point.  Maybe he exaggerates it, but there is evidence out there that makes a thorough investigation - not to mention averting the risks of interference of any kind - warranted.
5) See this video below where Dr. Robert Epstein - a self professed liberal democrat suggests that google alone manipulated at least 1.4 million votes and could potentially manipulate tens of millions of votes by delivering different messages to different people based on their search and social media history (e.g. send frequent GOTV messages, polling locations etc to people who have left leaning comments/email/sources/search history etc and denying that information to or worse attempting to counter program those who have opposite views. We already know that FB, GOOG, TWTR engage in lopside censorship, shadow banning, account suspensions and outright manipulation of results.  Those on the left who may cheer this activity thinking it will help their "team" will eventually find themselves the victim of it, of that I have no doubt. Useful idiots. 
 On the economy, Trump has made his big bold moves he will have to own the results.  But I think this journalist is just making the same mistake that many of his opponents and detractors have made time and time again.  They don't understand Trump at all.  This is what Trump does.  He throws a whole bunch of shit out there.  He rants and raves. He exaggerates.  But it is all part of his schtick - it is the method by which he gets shit done. It is art of war stuff.  He creates confusion and anger and division among his opponents and enemies.  And observers who don't get it mistake it for disarray.  I don't think it is disarray at all.  Trump knows that there are many paths to reach the destination and his technique is to keep the other side off balance, probe for weakness, probe for paths of least resistance and keep pushing until he gets where he wants to go.
It is true, the media has been all over the R word last week - from Racism to Recession - over the recent divergence in the pricing of Treasuries.  And even Bill Maher openly hoped for a recession (easy for him to say, he's got millions to give away not to charities but to politicians). So they can call it paranoia but just search the word recession in the news.  And let's not pretend these are impartial sources all coming to the same independent conclusion based on analysis of relevant economic inputs. It is just a mob of haters coordinating their attacks on Trump.  
But keep in mind something else. Trump's ranting and raving actually got the Fed to drop interest rates in a stunning reversal.  All from the sheer force of will, apparently.  I don't know their thinking or the data they had but Trump was way out in front blasting the Fed and demanding that they lower rates when they were still plotting to hike rates over the hot economy.  And now there is talk rates will get closer to zero.  Amazing.  Some of this may be part of the trade war with China and Trump knew what he needed the Fed to do to support his tactics on that front.  Anyway I do agree, Trump has a very heavy hand in the economy so he will have to wear its results in 2020.   

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