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Re: Don Lemon compares Trump to Hitler

<<Attacking the press is a good start as fake news , while lying incessantly to his minions. That is the real fake news, while you guys support his lying.>>

Hey Newman do you live in a cocoon? Only a knucklehead like you could miss what’s gone on since Trump won the election.


“Fully two-thirds of news stories about Trump from his first 60 days in office were negative by that definition — more than twice the negativity seen in stories from the first 60 days of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush or Barack Obama's presidencies.”

So it looks like the FAKE NEWS outlets had an agenda right out of the box before Trump had a chance to accomplish anything.

Maybe that’s why the ratings for CNN and MSNBC have plummeted as fewer Americans take them seriously anymore. Take your herald out of the sand.

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