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Re: Don Lemon compares Trump to Hitler

Nice try to try turning it on me.  In so doing you continue to be pedantic. 
I just saw the clip.  Lemon did not say "Trump is Hitler", but he drew a direct parallel drawing that name as an example of an historical figure. He could have said Caesar.  It would still be an inapt analogy, but less offensive.  
And this is not the first time Lemon used the Hitler reference when talking about Trump or GOP politics. 
You may choose to believe that it is just a coincidence that all the Hitler and Concentration Camp talk oozes to the surface at the same time.  Just coincidentally, coinciding with Trump's 2020 kick-off. 
Of course, it is not a coincidence this is a deliberate strategy that is being coordinated and reaffirmed by like-minded ideologues. These analogies are intentional, and they intend to be offensive and some of them are not even a little bit apologetic about it - they are strident and defensive and don't care that it offends millions of Jews, and Poles, and actually Gays and Russians and British and Americans and others who fought to crush the Nazi regime.  It is extraordinarily offensive - coming from the people who want to tear down statues of Jefferson because he owned slaves, it's weird that they don't think twice about watering down the evil that was Hitler and his Concentration Camps by making weak minded analogies.  
At least Chris Cuomo had to good sense to tell Lemon he was being "extreme" in his choice of example.  Some decency still exists in the political dialogue.   
Now if you really want to get into the nitty gritty - just what is so "Hitlerian" about Trump?  What has he done that is so damn offensive?  Obama deported more illegal immigrants than Trump. The child separation issue has been around since Clinton and Janet Reno settled a civil rights complaint.  The real irony on that is that the left was suing the Federal Government for the exact opposite reason they are complaining now!  They wanted the kids to be separated for their own protection... now that Trump is POTUS they take the other side.  This is very typical of this generation of Democrats. No principle. Instead of health care, they gave us health insurance and a decade later they want to scrap the whole thing and try something new.  They have no sense of shame, they sued to separate children and now they sue to stop separation - whatever their opinion is today is full of righteous indignation and if they change their minds in a few years they will lay a whole new rap of BS on us about how right they are. 
Now Trump and the GOP are pushing a $5 billion package to provide better shelter, food, medical treatments, beds and blankets etc... Next someone will say that money is being spent on Zyklon B.  

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