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Msg  273173 of 298134  at  6/20/2019 12:19:35 AM  by


 In response to msg 273167 by  thebigass
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Re: Don Lemon compares Trump to Hitler

thebigass says:
> The rhetoric is beyond the pale.

"Trump is Hitler."
I agree, that rhetoric is beyond the pale

But that is YOUR rhetoric that is beyond the pale, not Lemon's. 100% yours, and 0% Lemon's. Lemon didn't say anything like "Trump is Hitler"

Trump and Hitler share a number of characteristic, and a number of differences. There is no reason why these can't be discussed, although clearly the right has chosen to make ANY comparison -- in fact, it doesn't even have to be a comparison, but ANY mention of both Hitler and Trump with the same hour in any setting involving a "liberal" -- to effectively be "political incorrect," and out come the right wing PC police (like bob and you) implying that "the liberals" were screaming "Trump is Hitler" at the top of their lungs. That is utter bullshit.

And, IMO, it happens every fucking time. Especially here.

In a recent post of mine, I suggested some similarities between Trumpites and the teenyboppers. Your response: another "Trump is Hitler" diatribe like this one. Talk about hair triggers.

The fact of the matter is that Trump was a student of Hitler's techniques, and he kept a book of Hitler's speechs at his beside, to study. One of Hitler's more obvios techniques was to demonize the press -- everything from "fake news" to "enemy of the people" -- and there is zero doubt that Trump has learned that technique well. Hitler's intended audience bought it, and Trump's indended audience bought it. Hence this thread. We are, ostensibly talking about "the press," after all.

There are a lot more similarities between Hitler and Trump, mostly in the area of the characteristics which define a demagogue. Joseph McCarthy also had most of the characterstics that define a demagogue. But McCarthy didn't go around committing genocide, or anything close to it.

Several of the techniques of demagoguery -- personal insults and ridicule, vulgarity and outrageous behavior, and lying, for example -- seem to be a search for a rather scummy character prototype that can still be found to be acceptable among some target audience. Racism probably falls in that category. If someone seeking a leadership role can display those characteristics and still remain "acceptable" to that a target audience, he's in, because they feel (usually unconsciously) "if our leader does that, certainly it is okay if I do that," and there is then no need for the person to have the annoyance known as a conscience, relative to those issues. In the current context, it makes it all right to be a bad ass. You find a similar phenomena most times when there is a more than a little noisy group in a bar (alcohol helps). IMO, those items certainly have been effective in binding Trump with his worshipers. I think they were also effective in binding Hitler to his. But that says almost nothing about whether Trump and Hitler had common goals, and were therefore equally "evil."

So there. I've talked about Trump and Hitler in the same post.

Let's have at it with the [he said] "Trump is Hitler" meme. I'm pretty sure it will be coming.

>>thebigass: Obviously that means all the "deplorables" are brownshirt Nazis.<<

Oh, yeah. Obviously. Obviously, that is beyond the pale horseshit.

Wally Bass

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