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Msg  273168 of 274553  at  6/19/2019 10:11:36 PM  by


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Re: CNN cuts off its own testicles

>>thebigass: But CNN published a story calling it a lie.<<

For someone who want to quibble on small turns of language, it seems you really suck. Here is what they said, from cut and pastes, rather than your various memories and interpretations

"We are, by the way, the number-one producer of ENERGY in the world BECAUSE OF WHAT WE'VE DONE RIGHT NOW."
The US was the world's number-one energy producer before Trump took office --- since 2012, under the very president Trump accused of waging the heartless war. [against coal/big oil]

The government's official source for energy data, the Energy Information Administration, said in 2016: "US petroleum and natural gas production first surpassed Russia in 2012, and the United States has been the world's top producer of natural gas since 2011 and THE WORLD'S TOP PRODUCER OF PETROLEUM HYDROCARBONS SINCE 2013."

Article date Wed, June 19, 2019, 12:17 PM

I go with CNN. I think you are the liar.

I suspect that the "exporter" claim you cite came from the WSJ. But "exporter" was not in the Trump claim that CNN criticized.

Wally Bass

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