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Re: CNN cuts off its own testicles

Trump said that for the first time the USA is a net "exporter of oil and gas".
CNN came out with an article today calling this statement a lie.  CNN said in this article that we have been an exporter of gas since 2012, and that we only became an exporter of oil under Trump.
In other words, what Trump said was exactly, 100% true according to the English language.   
But CNN published a story calling it a lie. 
When all these people keep saying "Trump Lies" - I think they should put up.  If he is such a perennial liar, surely someone can name 2 or 3 lies.  But like this "obstruction" and "cover-up" claims, just accusations and nobody is willing to cite even a single overt act that constitutes said obstruction or cover-up. 
It's like repeating the allegation somehow makes it true.  Which is funny coming from the people who call other Americans "Nazis" and "Fascists" and "Deplorables".   
But even when CNN tries to "prove" a "Trump Lie", they can't even get it right.  They are so full of hatred its like their brains are fried. 
Hey I'm sure Trump has lied. But I'm not the one who is constantly nit-picking his every statement for veracity.  But if I did search for a lie, you can be damn sure I will find one that really is a substantial and provable falsehood, not some bullshit hair split parsing that isn't even a technicality just because I'm pissed off that 20,000 people chanted "TheBigAss Sucks".     

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