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Re: CNN cuts off Trumpís speech

<<I think the news had already been demonstrated. Trump was merely repeating the same lies that he utters daily. Neither the lies themselves, nor that fact that all Trump does is lie, is news.>>

How many lies are you Liberals up to now? 10,000 lies, 20,000 lies? Trump is not a career politician and his supporters understand his style. Most of Trumpís errors of fact are exaggerations or off the cuff responses. Something you donít get from the evasive career politicians with measured responses who end up saying nothing. And more importantly doing NOTHING!

Counting ďliesĒ is all the Trump haters have. Good luck with that. By the way Obamaís 3 biggest lies had more impact than the thousands of Trump exaggerations. ďYou can keep your insurance, you can keep your doctor and you will save 20%Ē Those lies negatively impacted 100ís of thousands of Americans right in the pocketbook!

Under Trump:

DJIA approaching a historic high
Unemployment lowest since 1969.

Hard to beat. No lies there!

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