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Re: Let the invisible hand takes care of Belviq

Belviq has proven its price sensitivity is not the issue.  In fact, iirc, there were more scripts at $200 than there are at $75. 
It works EXCEPTIONALLY for 1/4 of the people; Very Well for another 1/4; and for the balance it might as well be a placebo.
Belviq is safe but resistance exists among prescribing physicians because they either lack awareness of it, misunderstand its role, it's not covered by insurance, the CVOT (long trial) remains in progress without a demonstration currently to what it will reveal - later, and it has NOT been adequately tested with a pairing to another drug (phentermine, Vyvanse, Metformin, et. al.).  
It was approved and then mishandled on several fronts.  One of those is the marketing partner Eisai whom when everything didn't go as they:  "envisioned" after approval, well they still stare at the headlights and haven't a clue how to proceed.  For this?  The rest of us endure the consequences.  Add to all this an unfriendlier-than-merited perception doled-out from the chatting (media) and we simply wait for the light to come on SOMEWHERE.  Including the fat slobs who parade around all day indifferent to their cottage cheese asses knocking down the aisle displays at every Walmart. 
So to my way of thinking the only thing dropping the price to $25 would do is throw $50 out the window for each script.  Given that, I don't agree the price should be lowered.

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