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The problem with health care isn't at the level of doctors who are actually practicing their profession, but from the greed of CEO's and Board of Directors of insurance companies and big hospitals. Yearly compensation for these individuals is totally out of control relative to what they actually contribute to the organizations they claim to represent.

The salaries of our so called sports heroes certainly doesn't help the situation.

Things are so out of control compensation wise that I think it is beyond repair. When I was growing up in the 50's cops and teachers were low paying professions. Now I have married friends, him and her police officers retiring in New York with combined 1/4 million dollar per year pensions. The unions were a necessity with the coming of the industrial revolution, but in recent times have helped to bankrupt the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Sorry for the rant. Again, glad I am old. Kenny

PS Add to the problem is the lack of term limits for Congress, the Senate, and in reality, Supreme Court Justices and all their self issued benefits.

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