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Breast Cancer

From SeekingAlpha's CC transcript

Our next question comes from the line of Ram Selvaraju from Aegis Capital.

Raghuram Selvaraju - Aegis Capital Corporation, Research Division
So just a question regarding the nature of the usage of enzalutamide in breast cancer. Can you give us an idea of how the drug is likely to be deployed in combination or not in combination with what therapies, theoretically at least, so that we can get a better idea of how this product might potentially be positioned in the future along the treatment continuum?

Lynn Seely
So it is early days. Right now, we're looking at this in women right now who've already failed hormonal therapy where we're working on defining the dose to make sure that it's the same dose that we're using in prostate cancer. And I think that we're looking to move this drug up as early as possible in the treatment paradigm. So I think this is something, it's a hormonal therapy, it's something that we would expect to be using as early as possible. But it's early days, and we really need to get a better idea of how the drug is looking in a client before we'll make any statements about that.

Raghuram Selvaraju - Aegis Capital Corporation, Research Division
And with respect to the actual effect of the drug that you've seen so far in vitro, what similarities do you see between the way in which this drug kills breast cancer cells versus the way in which it kills prostate cancer cells? And are you seeing evidence of cidality in both populations?

David T. Hung
What was the last part of the question? We see evidence of...

Raghuram Selvaraju - Aegis Capital Corporation, Research Division
Cidality. Actually, that the cells are being killed as opposed to just being quiescent in their growth.

David T. Hung
So clearly, we believe that our prostate cancer effects are mediated largely through the AR inhibition mechanism. The data we presented in vitro showed that in breast cancer, while we do know that the majority of breast cancers also expressed AR, one of the findings that we used -- that was shown by the University of Colorado is that enzalutamide inhibits estrogen-mediated breast cancer growth. Now we know for a fact that enzalutamide does not bind the estrogen receptor with any significant affinity. So to inhibit estrogen-mediated effect would suggest that there's another target that is part of the estrogen-signaling pathway that this drug may be inhibiting, but we have not really commented on much further than that. So we believe that there are potentially different mechanisms by which breast cancer and prostate cancer may be inhibited. They both may share an AR-signaling pathway inhibition, but it's also possible that in breast cancer, there may be other mechanisms at play, and we're in the process of trying to explore that. We have shown self-kill in both the cancers with this drug, so this drug, it does exert a cidal effect and not just static effects, but we're in the process of now exploring the mechanisms by which it does that.

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