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Re: The Aftermath ...

 I agree with everything you say regarding OS. As far as DCR, I personally don't feel that a fall from the 75% in phase 2 to 34% in Phase 3 is good enough to warrant much support. It really doesn't distinguish itself enough from Ipi alone to get approval. As a physician I am not sure I would have an easy time convincing a patient of the benefit especially as the SAE number has seemed to rise.  Still, these are indeed very sick patients so maybe you are right. So maybe from a medical perspective there is some light ahead.
As an investor however I see a long path ahead with dilution in the future to keep the trials going and just to keep the company afloat. It will be interesting to see if the Bakers begin to bail. Who knows maybe someone will buy the technology. There might be something to be developed further but sadly IDRA by necessity had to give up basic research to fund their big chance. 
I will keep a few shares. At this point what is the point of selling some of the originals. 
I sincerely hope that you are right and there is still value to be had. I will be happy for all that stayed. However, after 7 long years I have seen enough. They will move forward without any more funding from me, no matter how insignificant my retail stake might be. 
Good luck to you. 

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