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Re: Tilsotolimod - New Trial ...

Did I not suggest just exactly this some time ago? About time. This study will show the maximum efficacy possible for TLR9 agonist. This is the smartest study Idera has/will attempt. All cancer therapies have to include a anti-CTLA4 and a anti-PD1. There is no choice. All other biotechs have finally figured this out. If you stimulate the APC/DCís to present antigens to CD8+T cells then the Treg cells will come and spray CTLA4 on the CD80/86 ligands on the APC/DCís....preventing antigen presentation..,tregs trying to prevent autoimmune disease...mistakenly. But if you get past this and present antigens to the CD8+Tís then the CD8+Tís are ready to attack any cancer cell with those cancer specific antigens....but not before they produce IFN gamma cytokines and alert the body that the immune system went active....which causes normal and cancer cells to raise up and express PDL1 ligands which shuts the CD8+Tís back down....the second anti-autoimmune disease self defense system.

I have said this for sometime. Finally someone listened.

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