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Re: Formula for success?

Rosenberg is wrong. Itís not like making a vaccine to a foreign pathogen with no self antigens. Doesnít have a damn thing to do with volume of DCís and Tcells. You are trying to design a vaccine to target cancer specific antigens that are located in very low ratio right next to very high ratio of self antigens. In addition, Treg affinity for self antigens is much higher than DCís...therefore they will declare tolerance and interfere with the start of the antigens presenting cascade with CTLA-4 locking up the CD80/86 ligands.

Now how to overcome all the above? Itís been figured out. Think points in the cascade you need to address with what and when ....when making a vaccine. Can you spot one obvious thing all prior vaccines have left out? Well ďobviousĒ to me.

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