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Re: TPL Conversion to Corporation is a Go

Became almost official last week - no timeline given on when the conversion starts, assuming the trustees (who were part of the committee) agree to convert:

Texas Pacific Land Trust Committee Recommends Conversion to a C-Corp Structure

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DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Conversion Exploration Committee (the “Committee”) of Texas Pacific Land Trust (NYSE: TPL) (the “Trust” or “TPL”) today announced that, following a deliberation process initiated in June 2019, the Committee has recommended to the Trustees of TPL that TPL convert from a trust into a Delaware c-corporation. The Committee analyzed reasons for and alternatives to conversion with support from a team of advisors to TPL, including financial advisor Credit Suisse and outside legal counsel. The Committee’s deliberations focused particularly on tax, corporate, corporate governance, accounting and business implications of the proposed conversion.

The decision of whether to convert TPL into a c-corporation is subject to determination of the current Trustees. The Committee recommended that, if the Trustees elect to authorize the conversion, the conversion should follow a process intended to ensure a smooth transition that would be tax-free to shareholders. As proposed, TPL would transfer all its assets, including cash, land, Texas Pacific Water Resources, and other assets, to a wholly-owned limited liability company subsidiary of TPL (“TPL Holdco”). TPL would then contribute all of the equity in TPL Holdco, holding all of TPL’s assets, to a newly-created corporation (“TPL Corporation”). Current shareholders of the Trust would receive an amount of shares in TPL Corporation proportional to their ownership of shares in the Trust. When this process as recommended is completed, shares of the Trust would be cancelled. Shareholders of the Trust would not need to take any action to receive the new shares in TPL Corporation.

The process recommended by the Committee would require filings with the SEC and NYSE approval to complete this conversion as proposed.


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