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Re: TRMD, et al

I'm seeing Wainwright with a PT of $16 on 5/12/22.  It was in the upper 20's a year later.  Also seeing...........
Eirik Haava, Pareto, 8/17/23, Buy PT $35
Havard Lie, Danske Bank, 5/3/23, Buy  PT $25.49
Johnathan Chappell, Evercore, 10/24/23, Buy  PT $39
There may be others.  
Most likely the charterers pay but any given ship can be under several different types of charters from a bareboat charter in which the charterer just leases the boat and pays for all operating costs, charters where the shipowner bears the costs, charters with variable rates tied to spot rates, charters where higher costs of fuel are shared, and others.  Not to forget, charters are based on a day rate so if a voyage gets through the panama canal or goes around the tip of South America the more days in transit the more money to the shipowners for the use of a vessel to deliver a single cargo.  Same is true if the ship is waiting to be loaded or unloaded at port, or waiting to get through a canal.  The party chartering the vessel pays. 
It's confusing. If anyone can offer some corrections or clarification it would be appreciated.  

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