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Re: Thoughts on NVDA

Been meanin' to thank everyone for helping think about NVDA.  I wound up selling 60%, and, in so doing, essentially taking winnings off the table.  I couldn't implement some of the options strategies suggested (selling covered calls) as I had already sold a bit and no longer had 100 shares (which would be about $40k) to cover the short calls.  (Mark underestimates my pauperdom.)
I haven't redeployed at all yet.  I might use these funds to get into a new area while covering software (for reasons previously discussed) in other accounts.  I have retirement accounts where I can only have mutual funds, and I have gone to a large percentage cash (FDRXX, SPRXX) for fear of Putin-generated black swan events.  I read where fear of black swans is actually not a good strategy.  Maybe move a little of those funds to software funds? Came up with maybe FSPTX?  There don't seem to be any perfect fits.
FSPTX as of 4/30:
AAPL 20.59%   MSFT 17.32%   NVDA 9.85%   MA 4.48%   MRVL 3.74%
CRM 3.48%   CSCO 3.29%   ON 3.05%   NOW 2.46%
Mastercard?  And a ton of AAPL.  Fidelity also has FSCSX: 
FSCSX as of 4/30:
MSFT   28.38%   V   6.47%   CRM   6.06%   ADBE   5.87%   MA   5.46%
GOOGL   2.79%   ORCL   2.39%   ADSK   2.34%   PYPL   2.20%   PANW   2.18%
So now Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal??  Oy.

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