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Re: Gen Colin Powell passes away at 84

It was in 1990s that my mother got shingles. Her suffering was immense. There was no vaccine at that time, no medicine or any kind of relief. Fast forward to about 2010 or so. My colleague at work had a pain in his left eye. It was a Friday and he decided that he will see his eye doc on Monday. On Monday his eye doc told him he has shingle in his eye. There was a medicine for the treatment of Shingles at the time but had to be taken during the first 48 hours from the start of the shingles. My Colleague was past 48 hours so no medicine was given. He resigned himself to take the pain medicine for the rest of his life. It was the same medicine that people with herpes take.
In about 2012 or so I came home from Life Time Fitness. I felt pain in my right thigh. I thought probably over worked the thigh at the gym and put a heat pad on it. In the morning I saw tiny white blisters on the thigh. I thought I set my heating pad on high. My thigh was still hurting. I went to see my GP and asked him to give me physical therapy for 2 to 4 weeks as I had hurt my thigh at the gym. The doc got up and took his prescription pad and started writing. Since he was close to me now, I asked him to see what my heating heat pad had done to me. He gave a look and said these are not blisters. These are shingles. He said go with us and the wrote the medicine prescription. I had known the 48-hour requirement and I ran to the nearest drug store (it was Walgreen, not my store, I used CVS) got the meds and asked for a cup water and took the meds right there. I remember the meds even with my insurance were very expensive, just like the present-day shingles vaccine.
I have been taking shingles vaccines as they have come. I took Shingrix on 10/20. I paid $155 as a Good Rx coupon at CVS. Their regular price is $191. It has given me the worst side effects I had with any Vaccine or medicine.
With best wishes and good luck to all. May be my story will help some body to do something positive for themselves.

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