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Re: Lockheed Martin raises dividend by ~8.5% to $2.60

 I see RTX as having a strong, growing defense segment and a weak and shrinking commercial aviation segment.  Since I am not that smart and I have figured that out, I suspect RTX management knew it some time ago and is managing it that way for the future.  They are also still in the earlier stages of working through their merger with UTX and that has to have its own payoff in the next few years as the former competitors integrate their operations. 
I took a 10% short term profit on AAPL in May when I sold it for $292.  I sold because I didn't think I would be able to put more into accumulating the stock.  Of course, if I had sold any one of my losers to buy AAPL I would be thinking more highly of myself today.  I did get a start with WMT for future growth and need to do the same with AAPL. 
Shipping stocks?  What can one say?  They fulfill the urge to gamble and since I don't like Las Vegas and I don't buy lottery tickets anymore, I buy shipping stocks.  However, right or wrong, I feel I am better off buying and holding some familiar names which have better track records.  So I will hold a couple of small positions longer term and trade on the peaks and valleys.  Based on its history, I think SFL will weather the current storm and continue to pay a decent dividend.  FRO couldn't turn the corner on debt and their breakevens rose in Q2... not a good sign so I sold it before it went ex/div.  I like DHT but expect a much smaller Q3 dividend.  ATCO is a good one and I am actually ahead on it. I may place small bets on NNA or NAT in the future because of predictions the global tanker fleet may even go though a period of shrinkage, but FRO is off my list. 

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