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Question about funds

I like to use funds in addition to holding individual companies. It just seems easier than dealing with the fortunes of a single company. If it's a sector fund, I need only to decide if I want to be in the sector. Toward this end I hold TYG (pipelines), BGR (oil and gas production), BTO (banks), UTF, UTG, GLFOX (infrastructure), MAPIX (China), HQH (healthcare), PFFA (preferreds). My question is about picking a fund for the general market that provides broad coverage and a decent yield. Maybe not stagg sized yields but decent. A do own a bunch of TEY which I'm basically happy with but would like to branch out into another broad based stock fund. I'm partial to TY but maybe not at these prices. GAB makes me a little uncomfortable with its constant erosion of capital. Or maybe the market is just currently too high to offer decent opportunities in this area and I should just be patient. Would be interested in hearing about what you guys consider good in this area (broad based funds with relatively high yields of 5% or so) and whether you're buying at current prices. I advised my kids to just go with S&P500 funds in their 401k but they have salaries so the yield is far less important for them.

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