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Re: 50 stocks

With lots of stocks I apply Rule #5.  Focus on your losing bets more than your winning ones.  Good stocks take care of themselves.  Losses can turn hideous and are not likely to come back.
I don't spend much time looking at MPW, MAIN, SRE, OKE, BLK, MSFT, T, etc.
I spend time on my underperformers, like GLOP, trying to figure out what went wrong and if I still want to keep it.  In that case I do want to keep it, but not because I am afraid to take a loss.  I keep it for the income and because I have a degree of confidence in the continuing global demand for LNG and because I think its fundamentals as a shipping stock are not that bad. 
I also spent a lot of time looking at CLMT, AM and GE but forgot the most important rule... #3  Discipline trumps conviction... and failed to take losses when I should have, and for no good reason other than I thought I knew better than the market.   
I had BX but sold it back in June for a 6-week 11.3% gain. Must be worth keeping.(?) 
My rules are adapted from none other than Jim Cramer! 

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