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Re: BA- / Rip

Good luck!

I might dip a toe in when drops below $300.

Re: "Consensus" numbers
1.) How far back does the average go? 3 Months? 12 months? 3 years?
2.) When was the last average taken?
3.) Which source is used to determine the consensus?
4.) Are all constituents of the average still covering the stock? When was the last time they updated their opinion?

I'd be wary of any estimates that extand past 3 months in the case of BA if the research hasn't been upadted. IE, if there's a $500 estimate from 6 months ago that hasn't been updated and is still included in the consensus, I'd toss that one. Baird dropped their price in the last three weeks by $100 to $345.

Using the latest data from "active" research, the consensus is $350.

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