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Re: BA- / Rip

I would assume that means "consensus".  At present that is the "consensus" of what the price target is.  Put as much belief or disbelief in what the analysts post but that is the "consensus".  In the mean time it looks like the Europeans will be flying the 737max in JAN.  Boeing plans to increase their production in Feb.  We'll see.  But if you think they will break up these mainframes and turn them into razor blades you will miss the boat. Friday was a hit job with a very big short position.  That is my feeling.  No proof.  To post a comment from a tactical pilot in the simulator and an off the record comment from 2016 and come out on options expiration at noon is a travesty.  I thought information supplied to the Justice Department during an investigation was prohibited.  I am short 20FEB360P's that I expect to be well rewarded on OpEx. I've got plenty of time to wait. 

Europe regulator to clear Boeing 737 MAX in January at earliest - Reuters

|About: The Boeing Company (BA)|By:, SA News Editor

European regulators expect to clear Boeing's (NYSE:BA) grounded 737 MAX to return to service in January at the earliest, the head of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency tells Reuters.

EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky declines to estimate when U.S. regulators would make their own decision to lift the flight ban but says any gap between the agencies would be a matter of weeks rather than months.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has primary responsibility for lifting the ban and is expected to be followed by other regulators including the EASA, but news reports have speculated that other agencies could be slow to act.

"As far as we know today, we have planned for our flight tests to take place in mid-December which means decisions on a return to service for January, on our side," Ky says.

"We may end up with a couple of weeks of time difference but we are not talking about six months," according to Ky. "We are talking about a delay which, if it happens, will be due mostly to process or administrative technicalities.

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