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Some summary comments regarding TERN

 It really is the programs, the molecules, and the people that matter.  I did a whirlwind near term DD on Terns Pharma, and I will state the negative.
1.  The warrants I guess were warranted, or at least that is what the investment bankers told them,  That was Aug 2022, when they diluted and raised $$.  Then, with share price appreciation, they raised more $$ in Dec 2022.  Now, they announce a shelf offering.  Best to be prepared to raise more $$ on good news, but the runway now is to 2026, not including any shelf.   Current mkt cap on the order of $600M.
2.  They are doing a bit of wavering on the past clintrials and compounds, as a couple programs have been put on the shelf.  If good opportunities exist in other places, why not.
  I still have more DD on the molecules.  The THb cmpd is a patent ripoff from MDGL, fully legal, but I have not read the relevant patents.  BTW, most companies that get into me too programs rip off prior patents all the time.  The TERN cmpd here is better behaved in vivo than that of the MDGL cmpd.  Better PK, clearance of the active drug delivered, same hepatic cell uptake mechanism.  Not sure how much this matters or impacts MDGL, but just stating my view of data I have seen.
  I need to dig into the competition for the onc program, and dig into the TERN patents here.  
  For me, DD takes time and effort. No position in this company, btw.  (I know, I should do my DD, decide on investing, and then front run the stock.  Nope, not me.  That is just the way I am.)  Anyone helping me out on the DD?  Anyone want to dig into the TERN THbeta patent(s) or the Glp-1 small molecule patent(s)?

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