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Re: my favorites from JPM so far...

welcome back lady minx, glad to see you are doing ok....
yes, JNCE looks to be fairly priced now with upcoming clinical data.  it's clear from JPM presentation CEO Rich Murray is pretty excited about their anti-ILT4 (JTX-8064) among others in their pipeline - time to move beyond T cells in IO.  I haven't started a position just yet - should have after JPM...  I've been gun-shy with this market and general insanity permeating everything...  at the same time, an argument can be made to let some of the JPM hype die down a a bit before jumping in. I really like JNCE but it fell off my radar over the past year.
I did start a medium position in TTOO I'm pretty happy about and considering joining you in SYRS....  my son sent me a list of several really cheap stocks he was invested in months ago - only a couple were biotech.  One was TTOO and the other was BNGO.  I was busy at the time and only looked into TTOO and ignored BNGO when I saw it was into DNA sequencing and was skeptical.  Few weeks ago my son asked me to look at BNGO again because he was thinking about taking profits.  I took a look and told him to hold all his shares - like an idiot I didn't buy a few weeks ago!  I took a starter position in BNGO ystdy and should have gone larger...   I'll respond to your post from today on BNGO w details at some point...
strongly encourage you to listen to the JPM presentations of JNCE and ORIC if you get a chance.  I think presentations are available until Feb.10.  I'm still wading through a few.  I'm to the point where management pedigree is the determining factor on wether to commit to a 40minute presentation...

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