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One size fits all...?

This is another high tech stock that keeps holding out that carrot of golden promises but some how never seems to get the show on the road.

And shows you that the Buy and Hold technique does not work for all stocks... CY a case in point.
Looking at the max. chart on yahoo for CY.... since 1990 until to day the stock repeatedly has slowly gotten higher ($30 to$50) only to fall of a steep cliff and fallen below $10... sometimes much lower. I seem to remember something back then when I use to own this stock... something about a spin off. (?) But even taking in to account of that event, I wonder if management here is all that up to par because.... Today it is roughly the same price as it as in the '90's decade.... a long time to hold a stock and considering the dividend (or at times lack there of) this stock has not kept up with creeping inflation.

Considering the percentages and volatility, this stock could only makes you money by trading the swings. A true case of the trend is your friend. Just be keenly aware when the trend changes direction.

Could there be a better choice out there to buy instead? Easy to find out... just compare them to CY on the Yahoo charts. Also ... what do you think about management at CY when you look at the decades track record or even the 5 year chart? I bet you management has been taking care of themselves very well... probably much better than the long suffering buy and hold stock holders. ... of course the in and out ... & repeat... traders of stock are rich by now.


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