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about the ACME board

revision 2

there've been a lot of changes since the revision 1 "about" post.  this update is needed to put the board's affairs in order.
ACME Communications isn't discussed here on the ACME Communications board.  however we do discuss just about every other tradable stock and we discuss the market in general.  and sometimes we discuss puppies.  it turns out that Investor Village has thousands of completely unused message boards.  no sense in bothering management for a new board, especially if you sort of like being a little hidden and you don't expect many visitors.  all the posts are "off topic" and nobody will ever raise a fuss about a miscategorized post.

a lot of the posts are computer generated stock scans and recreations of various watchlists.  most of these have a header that looks like this:

sc = stockcharts    cv = candlevolume    y = yahoo
M = medium ds = divastyle fv = finviz
L = large D = daily st = stocktwits
n = normal W = weekly pchan = price channel

this is a guide to the collection of links that typically look something like this:

sc (n-M/L   cv-M/L   pchan-M/L   ds-D/W)   y   fv   st   ycharts

so if you're looking at AAPL and click on the "st" link, it will open the the StockTwits page for AAPL.  likewise, if you click the "W" (weekly) next to "ds" (divastyle) you will open a stockcharts.com page for AAPL with a weekly timeframe in a charting style that diva likes.  "normal" is what i consider normal, so i guess that's probably a little misleading.  "simple" might be better.  the ticker is a link as well, taking you to a 5 day intraday chart.

the stock charts embedded on the page will update with a page refresh.  (btw, the opera browser will let you select an isolated image in the page and refresh it only.)  the embedded charts plus the intraday charts linked to from the ticker used to be hot-linked to marketwatch.  but evidently marketwatch frowned on this practice and blocked hot-linking altogether from Investor Village.  in response we switched to yahoo and finviz to provide the charts and we drastically cut back on the number of embedded charts.  currently, the computer generated posts have been scrubbed of all marketwatch links.

if a particular watchlist comes from a blog or an online article of some kind, the link back to that blog should be at the top of the page.  if it's not, i've probably made a mistake of some sort.

the "geek" posts are an attempt to compare the relative strengths of the individual market sectors to each other while compensating for the movement of the broader market.  these are the "kahuna" charts.  i've been asked more than once to include a guide to the sector SPDRs that are used in the geek posts.  i'll do that here:

XLB = materials
XLV = healthcare
XLP = consumer staples
XLY = consumer discretionary
XLE = energy
XLF = finance
XLI = industrials
XLK = technology
XLU = utilities

btw, imho, you should have this memorized.  seriously, i don't mean to be a scold, but it's important and it's not all that much to remember.  About Select Sector SPDRs
ok, "thangs."  thangs are an invention of a prolific IV poster with the handle "dirty harry."  they're basically an attempt to buy a stock near it's lows without trying to catch a falling knife and maybe also after it gets a little institutional interest.  there are two categories: (1) rule based and (2) dirty harry says so.  ha!  if dirty harry says it a "thang," then it's a thang.  there's no sense in arguing about it!

for a rule based thang we're looking for 2 days of 2% or greater gains on average or greater volume following a 1 month (i.e., 22 trading day) closing low.  if the stock should close below it's 1 month low, then we start over.  it's still falling.  thangs are similar in spirit to the idea of the IBD Follow-Through Day.  (fwiw, the computer scan defines "average or greater volume" formally as volume greater than 95% of its 50 dma.)

the thang posts itemize in a table why any individual stock was caught in its scan: the 1 month low, day #1 and day #2.  "thangs-in-waiting" are also posted.  these are stocks that have seen a 1 month low but only day #1.  they are still "waiting" for day #2.  also, 1 month lows are posted.

"anti-thangs" turn all the thang rules on their heads and look for 1 month highs and declines of 2% or greater, etc.
currently, the "thangs" and "thangs-in-waiting" for the previous week are posted at week's end.  anti-thangs and anti-thangs-in-waiting are counted but not posted, as the ratio of, for example, the number of thangs vs. the number of anti-thangs is a market breadth indicator of sorts.  the new 1-month highs and lows are posted every market day.
only full fledged "thangs" are sanctioned by dirty harry.  the rest is me screwing around.  but often a stock has risen quite a bit off it's lows and is somewhat extended before it sees a formal day #2.  it's might sometimes be possible to catch it a little earlier off the thangs-in-waiting list.
it turns out that there's a second category of "thangs" that's not covered in the scans.  (remember when i said not to argue?)  if you broaden the definition of "1-month low" to mean the low point in a sliding 1-month window where today is the leading boundary, then the low, followed by 2-days of 2% or greater gains with average or better volume is also a "thang."  this second category targets stocks whose charts are in a continuation pattern where the first category tends to target reversion.
this second category is not covered by the thang scans.  but the new high and low posts are a good spot to look for continuation patterns and the volume as a percent of average and the day over day price gain is still listed.
anyway, i hope this all helps.  l8r.

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