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Re: ACAD review from Biopharma

Paul, Iím so thankful that your son is doing well. I think Iíve told you that my dadís name was also Paul. Iím very thankful for the benefits that ACADís little molecule provided to your family and mine. Iím thankful for the investors that made it possible. From a personal investment perspective I made a mistake with ACAD. I took anecdotal evidence and extrapolated it across an entire population of patients. I thought every PDP and DLB patient would respond like dad. Iíve witnessed 2 other very positive responses, but dad was unique as a complete responder (roughly 1 in 8 as I recall are complete responders?). I think ACAD is a good long term investment with a good management team, but if your position is oversized vs your portfolio, I would unload some shares (even at a loss) on the coming run up. Binary events can really sting if they donít go the way that we hope. We have some great technical resources who can help determine a reasonable target for peak SP on the run up. That target will move with the sector. If XBI goes up 15% over the next 2 months, $27 could be in play prior to read out. It looks like XBI cleared a key resistance point yesterday that has held since late September. Weíll know Friday if it holds. If the sector comes back down to last yearís lows prior to read out, $20 could be the number that youíre looking for. Donít let the negative psychology of taking a $2 loss keep you from making the trade. As others here have said, every day that we hold an equity is a day that we chose to purchase it at the market price.

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