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Msg  18816 of 18875  at  9/20/2021 8:48:44 AM  by


Letters, phone calls, emails........whatever!

I saw a post on here suggesting letters were pointless. Maybe.........Maybe not. I saw somebody else here say they have no time. Just imagine for a moment making that statement to your grandparents and those who came before them, we know exactly what they would tell us,  "Well then make time!" We have time on here, we have time to hit countless "like" buttons on fb, time to watch stupid tik toks videos, etc.
Letters, emails, phone calls, office visits, etc.........whatever and for whatever cause you feel is important to you or to better people's quality of life, I say go for it! Elected officials and government need to be held accountable, they serve us. Believe me, they love nothing more than to see our faces every few years when they need a vote or money. My cousin interned for a congressman's reelection political campaign and would see his face just about every day rallying up his troops. A few months later, he needed a recommendation letter. Long story short, congressman nowhere to be found. Phone calls, emails, etc. Finally after several attempts and months, after getting the job, he got his recommendation letter. It's sad but that's how it works.
Again, I would encourage everyone to not give up so easily for any cause they feel fit. We live in a time in which we never had so many comforts and conviences and yet we find every excuse to not do something. It is reflective of our times in which we simply complain about everything and simply expect everything to just fall on our laps. Try telling this generation that it is simply not enough to just show up, that the world does not owe them anything. They can't understand that in their minds everything is a right of theirs and if they don't get what they want well then it is someone else's problem. It's crazy!
Anyways........that was my daily rant but in no way would I ever discourage people from speaking up, especially for those who have no voice or made sure to take care of us when we were most vulnerable.

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