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Serge's comment on DRP subtypes

On the DRP interim conference call, the question about efficacy in the various DRP subtypes was broached by Leerink analyst Marc Goodman (his question begins at 34:36). Serge said he wasn't in a position to provide details, but did note that "all dementia subtypes were represented across both the enrolled population and randomized population as well as across the adjudicated relapses," so a consistency was seen across all the DRP subtypes. Serge's answer begins at 35:28 of the call.
To reiterate, those with Alzheimer's psychosis, Lewy body dementia, Parkinson's dementia, vascular dementia, and frontotemporal dementia showed a strong enough response in the 12-week open-label portion of the study to continue to randomization. 20% of this total population did not show a strong enough response and were dismissed, while a tiny percentage discontinued the study for various reasons. A little under 80% of the enrolled population continued to randomization.
According to Serge, a number of patients on drug completed the full 38-week trial (that is, they did not experience a relapse). He also said the "number of patients randomized exceeded our initial expectations."
Further data analysis will probably be given on the 3Q call in November. Some analysts think a full DRP presentation will be given at CTAD in December.

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