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Morgan Stanley Highlights

+ Acadia has initiated a new TV commercial this week.
+ Growth has been seen in physicians, prescribers, patients. (Market penetration is growing to mid to upper teens)
+ Doctors are treating PDP patients earlier than in the past.
+ Expansion of sales force for DRP "from existing position" is achievable. (The doctors writing scripts for PDP patients are the same ones who will be writing them for DRP patients)
+ Difference between Nuplazid and other antipsychotics in DRP: latter worsen cognition, exacerbate disease; Nuplazid doesn't.
+ Acadia will submit an sNDA in DRP next year (best guess is 1H).
+ Big disappointment in SSRI therapy in depression is sexual dysfunction. In Nuplazid phase 2 trial, improvement was seen in sexual function. CEO: what was seen in depression trial in efficacy is exactly what many physicians say they want in new therapies.
There was no slide presentation; just Steve and Serge fielding questions from the host. 

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